Policy, Certifications and Whistleblowing

The  integrated management system, following the international ISO standards and the relevant regulations, guarantees efficiency of production processes and maximum attention to the management of data and information security.

The adopted approach combines and integrates the management of aspects such as business process quality, data and information protection, privacy, business continuity.

ISO 9001 certification

The ISO 9001 certification certifies the effectiveness of the quality management system implemented  by TAS guarantees the quality of the products and services provided with a view to continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 certification
ISO 27001 and HDS certification

ISO 27001 with its extensions ISO 27017/27018 and HDS certification

Data and information security is critical to success.  TAS implements an information security management system according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 27001 and its extensions ISO27017 and 27018.

Furthermore, TAS France is also certified according to the HDS (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) regulations, which specifically protects the processing of health data.

ISO 22301 certification

To guarantee the continuity of the services offered, the management system implemented complies with the ISO22301 standard.
The companies TAS and Global Payments have achieved certification for this standard in relation to the services offered via e-payments platforms, also in SaaS, to their public and private customers.

ISO 27001 and HDS certification
PCI DSS Certifications

PCI DSS Certifications

PCI DSS, managed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, is the standard for data security in the payment card industry. It applies to entities that store, process or transmit data relating to credit card holders or sensitive authentication data. TAS and its Datacenter are fully compliant with the latest security standards issued by the PCI Council.

TAS Data Centers

TAS has a 850 m2, Tier 4 level data center, capable of providing hosting and housing services that guarantee high performance standards as well as security and business continuity. Designed and built with the latest technologies in the industry, the datacenter, located in Sophia Antipolis (France), has an energy efficiency coefficient  (PUE) of 1.3  which puts it at the level of the best in the world.

Data centre

Whistleblowing Policy


TAS group has adopted My Whistleblowing platform by Zucchetti to manage whistleblowing reports.

The platform is available at the page: https://www.mygovernance.it/whistleblowing-tas/

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