Fraud Management System: prevention in payment systems

In the digital age, cybercrime against banks and other financial services operators is rapidly increasing, with serious consequences in terms of economic costs, loss of image, and damage to customer relationships . The risk of fraud is expected to increase with the spread of innovative digital payment services and the entry of new Third-Party Providers enabled by the new European regulatory framework.

Instant Payments and PSD2 present great opportunities for new payment experiences, but they also introduce new risks. This is why we have strengthened our solutions with Machine Learning, analysing big data to detect anomalies, reduce false positives and provide advanced end-to-end fraud management approaches.

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Prevention cuts costs

Our platform for real-time fraud monitoring and prevention maximises frictionless experience in payments, while mitigating the risk of fraud and vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Predictive models and Big Data technologies for Transaction Risk Analysis

Monitoring rules configurable by end users

Correlation between transactional data and fraud events

High parameterisation and application flexibility

Easy integration with other internal or external application systems

Fraud management solution

An intelligent modular solution

Fighting fraud requires learning, continuous improvement and the application of enabling technology suitable for mitigating risks. Our proposition consists of modular tools to address the different processes and roles involved, all guaranteeing full compliance with standards issued by industry regulators and a high degree of flexibility in adoption.

Key features:

  • Monitoring of card operations and other payment instruments

  • Configurable preventive blocking of high-risk transactions

  • Reporting of suspicious / anomalous transactions

  • Implementation of supervised predictive models for the identification of fraud patterns

  • Behavioural models for Transaction Risk Analysis and SCA Exemption

  • API interfaces to simplify integration with the client’s application systems

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