PSD2 and Open Banking: innovative payment solutions

The Payment Service Directive, introduced by the European Commission, aims to lower high domestic market barriers in financial services; it has forced banks to open up and allow the entry of new payment service intermediaries.

The directive represents an opportunity for all operators: banking incumbents, new Fintechs and BigTechs, and last but not least, to operators from many different industries, such as Insurance, Retail, Multiutility, Oil & Gas, e-commerce and mobility.Becoming an e-Money or Payment Institution, or an accredited third-party- provider (TPP), allows you to guarantee customers simplified and loyalty-building experiences, while saving on collection costs and making internal administration and treasury processes more efficient.

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Over 90% of PSD2 transactions in Italy are based on components of TAS Global Payment Platform (GPP). Unlike other PSD2 service providers, TAS is a totally independent entity, , we are not in competition with customers.

Our GPP includes 100% of the components, layers and integrations required to operate as an e-Money Institution, Payment Institution, PISP or AISP. It is a highly modular and customisable platform. GPP is offered as a cloud service  or an on-premises solution.

The deliberately “technology-neutral ” nature of the PSD2 regulation has favoured the proliferation of standards and “dialects” in the dialogue between Banks and Third Parties. However, with TAS you can rely on a platform that guarantees interoperability with Open APIs adopted by banks and simple integration of new services.

With the PSD2 regulatory framework, you can now launch your own payment system, obtaining significant 

savings on purchases of goods or services and develop new revenue streams from insights into cardholder spending habits – by analysing patterns and offering new tailor-made proposals.

We provide you with:

  • expert advice on regulatory issues

  • solid experience derived from a pivotal role in the Banks-Fintechs-Regulators ecosystem

  • middleware aimed at harmonising and standardising TPP-ASPSP interfaces

  • sandbox facilities to accelerate and go-live

  • end-to-end coverage of onboarding and multi-channel payment processes.

Manage customer positions seamlessly with our Light Core Banking

For new non-bank operators wanting to get the most out of the Open Banking and Finance era, we have created components to facilitate end-customer management.

  • Registry: a multi-tenant module to register and configure all end-customers and their authorised points of interactions. It provides functions for insertion, search, modification and deletion of both legal and natural persons.
  • Conditions: allows you to configure and manage fees and conditions applicable to customers, to group them into “fee sets”, and to set up application rules with real-time execution or parametric frequency.
  • Payment accounts: this module can manage business, retail or technical accounts. It allows you to configure complex structures and implement hierarchically organised pools of accounts with master and slave accounts. There is an option to configure automatic cash pooling mechanisms among accounts.

Compliance e Certificazioni

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