Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

In this historical moment marked by the pandemic crisis and by the growing climate risks, companies are increasingly taking part in the transition to sustainable models, after having become aware of the impacts that they can generate on the environment and on all stakeholders involved in their business activities. 
TAS firmly believes in the importance of analysing and sharing its non financial performance, with the aim of contributing actively to a more sustainable economy and to communicate in an increasingly effective and transparent way with its stakeholders.

Consolidate non-financial statement
Ethical code and 231 organizational model

Ethical Code and Organizational Model 231

TAS’ Code of Ethics highlights the values, duties, rights and responsibilities with respect to all the subjects with whom the company relates. The Ethical Code assumes that each external subject acts towards TAS according to principles inspired by an analogous ethical behaviour. The Organizational Model, in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, defines a system of behavioral rules and control activities aimed at preventing the commission of crimes by identifying the possible areas of risk and by raising awareness of all company levels on the established behavioral rules and procedures.

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