Financial services for FinTech: opportunity in the new ecosystem

Effective Financial services for Fintechs: opportunities in the new ecosystem 

We live in the Platform economy, impacted by digital marketplaces and business communities in which competitors collaborate and work alongside other partners for the benefit of their end-customers.

Are you an e-Money or Payment Institution, or a PSD2-licensed TPP? Whether you are a financially regulated operator or an innovative fintech considering a market repositioning, TAS can be your trusted partner, helping to strengthen and expand your services and solutions.

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Strengths of our fintech solutions

Facilitating cooperation between banks and fintech is integral to our mission. We offer white label application platforms and 40 years of know-how in Financial Services.

Versatile offer

Our solutions have been adopted by major interbank service centres but also by innovative players who entered the market with the liberalising reforms of PSD2.

Certifications and regulatory compliance

We certify solutions with appropriate authorities, ensuring the highest levels of security and adherence to industry regulations. As regulatory requirements evolve, we take care of compliance maintenance, providing customers with the advice to assess impacts in advance, to mitigate risks and to maximise opportunities.

State-of-the-art technology

Advanced development frameworks are used to free customers from Hw/Sw constraints and facilitate transition to the Cloud. We design our software on microservices and open API architectures ensuring easy integration with third party services and customer internal systems.

High modularity for better time-to-market

Clients can integrate and activate only the platform features or modules they need. We offer pre-packaged configurations to speed up implementation of services.

Flexible delivery model

Our platforms can operate on-premises or as SaaS. All solutions are cloud-ready and cloud-agnostic; they can be adopted incrementally to reduce the complexity of migration projects.

Attention to data

We provide a predictive intelligence engine to transform data assets managed by applications into value-added service opportunities for the customer.

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