Banking Solutions for Branch Transformation

Innovation is the key to the survival of the bank branch. Digitisation and the growing use of online channels are reducing branch activity and imposing the need for a smart multi-channel, phygital customer engagement. Banks are having to rethink the role of branches, not only in terms of pure cost reduction but to evaluate the unexploited potential of the ATM channel. By turning the branch into a place of emotional connection and personal experience, moving from transaction to consultation, banks can stay relevant, meet today’s challenges, and thrive.

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Powering a rich customer experience

Our universal channel management software suite enables financial institutions and independent service organisations to effectively manage ATMs, Kiosks, Internet and mobile device channels in a fully automated, secure and integrated environment and deliver an advanced customer experience.

Accelerated time to market

Scalable and certified components
Flexible workflow configuration Integration of external services

Reduced TCO

Granular scalability
Vendor-agnostic ATM client
cash management monitoring

Flexibility and configurability

Multiple use cases: bank owned ATM networks, independent ATM deployers, shared ATM networks, retailer kiosks

Single customer view

Seamless integration with our Issuing and Acquiring digital payments platform, allowing multi-channel customer engagement

Branch transformation solution

Add value, generate additional revenues

Through its 24/7 self-service banking functionality, our ATM Acquiring solution allows the easy development of new value-added services (DCC, currency exchange, P2P, ticketing, vouchers, airtime…) enriching the customer digital experience and generating additional revenue.

TAS ATM Acquiring supports:

  • Card or cardless cash withdrawals and deposits

  • Bill/tax payments, inquiries, ticketing

  • Remote customer assistance

  • Cardless authentication

  • Instant card issuance

  • Innovative HW devices unlocking new advanced functionalities

  • Advanced analytics

Remote Teller: the “human” digital

Remote Teller is the Phygital that “humanises” the digital relationship with the customer: a “remote” bank counter through which the customer connects to a real operator on video, with whom he can carry out all the usual operations: cheque deposit, mortgage loan, card release , financial or insurance advice…
A new way of banking remotely, preserving the human relationship between customer and bank, and consistent with a strategy of rationalisation and transformation of physical branches.

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360 ° coverage of the ATM channel

Certifications and compliance logos

Compliance and certifications

TAS ATM Acquiring suite has been designed in full PCI compliance; it is certified to operate with the Italian PagoBANCOMAT circuit and all major international circuits.

The multi-vendor client component holds EMVL1 & 2 certifications and is certified to operate on HW of the major ATM Vendors, such as NCR, Diebold Nixdorf and Hyosung.

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