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Beyond Target2 / T2S Consolidation

The ECMS (Eurosystem Collateral Management System), whose go-live is scheduled for November 2022, will complete the new consolidated structure of the Eurosystem’s market infrastructures, aimed at facilitating efficient liquidity and collateral management, and contributing to the realization of the so-called Capital Markets Union.

The new ECMS platform will replace the current 19 IT procedures of the National Central Banks (NCBs) for credit operations (monetary policy refinancing and intraday credit in TARGET2), leaving the responsibility of the individual NCBs to manage contractual and operational relations with counterparties, central custodians and triparty agents.

TAS Group has been investing for some time in the evolution of its solution, Aquarius, to offer the market a Liquidity Management System that simplifies and centralizes the operational processes and U2A and A2A interactions of the Treasuries with TARGET Services.

On 19th May, TAS Group and its partners, Accenture and KPMG, provided Italian market operators with an orientation framework with which to approach the ECMS Project. Over 140 participants representing 28 private and 3 public operators followed the webinar on ECMS, which was considered very useful also in view of the “virtual” event organized by the Bank of Italy today.

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