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TAS Group boosts synergies between Group companies, optimizing skills and leveraging assets for the domestic and international market

Milan, 26 June 2020 – TAS Group completes its internal reorganization aimed at optimizing skills and leveraging the assets of the Group, perfecting the strategic direction for Global Payments SpA and TAS International SA, the two companies created at the beginning of the year to target the Italian and international payments markets respectively.

The Parent Company, TAS SpA, will entrust the coordination of all production activities for the domestic market to Massimiliano Quattrocchi, at TAS Group since 2008 and already head of Global Payments. All commercial development and management activities in Italy will be led by Raffaele Monsorno Monaco, who will also have responsibility for strategic partner management. TAS SpA will continue to be responsible for the provision of administrative and financial services for all Group companies.

Lastly, the position and strategic orientation of the Group in the international markets will also be strengthened, not only through the recent acquisition of Infraxis SA, but by calling on Mario Mendia, previously head of TAS Group’s Capital Markets Business Unit and with previous experience in management consulting, to lead the creation of a consultancy structure to support the organic and inorganic growth of the company.

At Group level, a new Global Channel function has been created, entrusted to Umberto Pardi, who recently joined the Parent Company’s Board together with Fabio Bravi, the latter to support President Pardi on special M&A projects. The two new Board members will work in synergy with Mario Mendia to achieve the ambitious goals that form part of the business plan recently approved by the Board of Directors.

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