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TAS migrates POS payment acceptance services to the cloud using Amazon Web Services and certifies itself as PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider

Milan – 9 December 2021Cloud and security. These are the keywords TAS Group is focusing on to offer its customers and partners increasingly agile solutions, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance, safety and scalability.

TAS Group has been playing a central role in the payments industry for over 35 years. For more than a decade it has been providing Italian and International issuers, acquirers and processors with software solutions validated according to PCI Council compliance standards, and services certified under the PCI-DSS security standard, issued by the PCI Council for payment service providers.

With the aim of making its solutions ever easier to adopt and accessible to new players in the Open Banking and Open Finance ecosystem, TAS has developed the GPP – Global Payments Platform, which integrates under a single architectural concept its own offering in the field of cards, account-based payments, transaction banking and financial value chain. Powered by the innovative “as a service” logic in the cloud, the GPP accelerates the delivery of flexible, efficient services to market while responding to changing regulatory requirements.

In this roadmap, TAS Group relies on qualified partners, able to guarantee the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance. This is the case of Amazon Web Services (AWS), to which TAS Group migrated its POS payment acceptance services in early November, successfully submitting itself to the PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification, the highest level of PCI certification for payment service providers.

The new infrastructure is based on container architecture and makes extensive use of AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Aurora. Among the benefits achieved by the migration, the main ones concern the simplification of Business Continuity, the decreased effort of TAS personnel dedicated to managing infrastructures, but above all the greater flexibility and scalability of the service offered to customers, crucial characteristics for being agile in the face of constantly evolving market conditions.

The world of acquiring and omnichannel payment acceptance is evolving at extremely high rates, both in terms of consumer preferences for the payment method and channel, and in terms of habits and therefore transaction volumes and peaks“, explains Massimiliano Quattrocchi, Country Manager of TAS, “For an ISV such as TAS it is essential to constantly develop and evolve its applications, guaranteeing good independence from basic hw / sw infrastructures and the ability to take advantage of the most advanced technologies and innovations offered by the market. We have chosen to rely on AWS for a number of factors, including the PCI certification already obtained by this Cloud Provider which is the market leader in the Finance sector. The support of AWS has been continuous and invaluable in successfully passing the PCI DSS compliance certification in early November, just in time to face the hottest shopping period of the year.

The new POS management configuration offered by TAS relies on the AWS infrastructures located in the Dublin and Frankfurt regions, which are strategic both in terms of geographic positioning and for the characteristics of the services sought by TAS.

The transformation path of TAS Group from software solutions supplier to enabler and facilitator of the customers’ business model by providing platforms and tailored “as a service” solutions is a strategic direction launched in recent years by the Group, which sees the Cloud as one of the essential cornerstones. Through the provision of services that can be configured and activated with reduced time to market, while ensuring the customers’ ability to differentiate themselves over competitors, TAS Group has already scored some clear initial results, both in terms of economic performance growth of the Group and in terms of attractiveness for new market operators.

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