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The closing of the purchase of Infraxis AG has been completed

Milan, Italy, 30 June 2020 – TAS S.p.A. (hereinafter the “Company” or “TAS”), leader in Italy in the supply of software and services for banking and financial applications, also present in Europe and America, announces that today the wholly-owned subsidiary under Swiss law, TAS International SA, in execution of the contract signed on June 8, 2020, has completed the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of the Swiss company Infraxis AG, which in turn holds the entire share capital of the British company Infraxis Ltd (UK).

TAS Group thus expands its presence in Switzerland and Germany, but especially in Great Britain where it is currently not present, strengthening the foundations for further growth in the European market. Thanks to the synergies that will be created on the software platforms with the Infraxis solutions, TAS plans to soon launch a new cloud based and full microservices proposal managing all types payments through a unique platform, to be once again among the promoters in terms of innovation and among the first to guide the transition from e-money to digital payments not only in Italy, but also in the other markets in which it operates, with the ambition to become a leading company also at international level.

With the conclusion of this operation, which determines the integration between two highly competitive and complementary businesses, new horizons for TAS Group beckon. In addition to a significant increase in volumes, an enrichment in human capital, thanks to the professional figures who will join and strengthen the area of research and development, which is essential to guarantee innovative and best of breed solutions to its customers.

The President of TAS Group, Dario Pardi summarized it as follows: “The conclusion of this operation confirms our inorganic growth strategy which accompanies the organic one endorsed by the recently approved Industrial Plan. With this step TAS strengthens its market position in Europe that from today represents for us an international outpost in the world of payments. This partnership and the coming ones under evaluation, are significant milestones aimed at increasing the value of the company to support those who believe and invest with us.”

This is echoed by Valentino Bravi, CEO of TAS Group: “Today TAS is a consolidated reality completely focused on renewal. We are pursuing the goal of an important growth, leveraging our areas of excellence, supported by a continuous search for innovative solutions, by an organic development of our Group and by acquisitions of complementary businesses already consolidated on the market, such as Infraxis. We firmly believe that the synergies in the development of new solutions and the cross selling opportunities, which we will explore in the coming months, will be an important accelerator in achieving the challenging objectives that we have set ourselves.”

Manfred Thomi, CEO of Infraxis, comments: “TAS has chosen us and we have chosen TAS. We are ready for the market, we have always been, but today we have, thanks to the union between our already competitive businesses, many more resources on which to rely to offer our customers more and more expertise and innovative solutions“.

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